A Twelve Step Prayer Episode #95 with Erin Keller

Erin Keller is from Oregon, USA. She is a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, having also minored in Substance Abuse Prevention. Her experience with substance abuse spans both personal and professional and she has worked with counselling people who struggle with addictions.

Certain now that Addictions Treatment has been more influential as a victimizer than a saviour, to both herself and others whom she cares about, Erin is determined to influence change in the Addictions industry. Celebrating two happy and healthy years apart from the organization she names an “addiction cult”, and where she spent most of 27 years as a member, Keller has since researched the phenomenon of victimization in addiction treatment programs. She hopes to bring enlightenment to what she feels is a negative postulation, stating that religion can ethically be mandated as “treatment” for ailments of psychological causes.


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