“Memoirs of a Mystic” Episode #91 with Jessica Schab

Jessica Schab, from Vancouver, Canada, is a former spiritual speaker. After ten years, she renounced her  “New Age metaphysical path” when she understood how this route was causing psychological harm and cognitive instability.

She is now a speaker of rational thinking and exposes the dangerous patterns of spirituality and ideology. She feels compelled to speak out on this subject and shares her story with the intention of broadening our awareness of cognitive and emotional problems and encouraging a sense of responsibility.

She is the manager for The EOF Project as well as the co-creator and coach for the Logically Emotional 1 year program and the co-creator and teacher of the ‘All In the Mind’ course for the Cambridge e-Learning Institute.

She is a prolific poetry and blog writer offering an inside-look at the self-manipulation that often tends to come from beliefs. She has a vast audience follows her Bali Blog series and is currently working on a feature length documentary based off of them titled ‘Memoirs of a Former Mystic’: Caution too much love and light will make you sick! Jessica is one of the few spiritual speakers to have transitioned out of it to denouncing and debunking what she once was about, she offers us a unique testimonial.

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