“God And Guns” Episode #87 with Officer McGaffick

After the recent mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, I read an article written by a Second Amendment advocate to explain what gun control advocates just don’t understand. One point related to a lack of knowledge about the different kind of guns that are generally available and what distinguishes them. For example, the author of the article linked to several prominent politicians calling for a ban on ‘machine guns’ after Las Vegas, even though he explained that machine guns are already banned. It’s pretty difficult to write gun control legislation if you don’t know much about guns and I realised that I’m more guilty of this than anyone. I’ve never held a gun, let alone fired one … and I didn’t have the first notion what much of the terminology relating to guns actually meant.

In this episode, I ask my good friend Seamus to educate me about guns, about gun control legislation, about the perspective of cops about gun-related crime … and about all those pictures we see of Americans holding a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other. I learned a lot!!

John Hamill.

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