“Villains, Vigilantes and Nazis” Episode #83 with Jeff Dee

In the late 1970s, while Jeff Dee was still a teenager, he co-created Villains and Vigilantes, which was the first complete superhero role-playing game. In 1997, with his partner ‘Manda, he founded UNIgames, a publisher of role-playing, board games and computer games. In 2009, he also co-founded Nemesis Games, which is the developer of an online game called Gargantua. In addition to his artistic and game-related work, Jeff is an outspoken atheist and transhumanist. He has been the host of a bi-weekly Internet podcast called The Non-Prophets and a former host of a live, weekly, public-access television program, called The Atheist Experience. We were delighted to speak with Jeff about all of these issues and much more!

You can stay in touch with Jeff’s work by visiting his Patron page here and his radio show here. The Popper quote that we discussed during the show is here and the Zunger piece is here. You can also find Monkey House Games here.

One thought on ““Villains, Vigilantes and Nazis” Episode #83 with Jeff Dee

  1. Jeff Dee has put a lot of thought into his positions and it shows. I am not in favor of punching Nazis but everything else he said I agree with. I hate Nazis please don’t get me wrong but until a person attacks me I have no right to preemptively attack him. However, if Nazis en masse openly declared and enacted war upon America then I would have to say those roaches better run and hide where they came from because they will get pwned in every possible way!

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