“Oh My Joshua!” Episode #82 with Joshua Kelly

Joshua Kelly holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance Studies and received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Montana. As a writer, he is an active blogger on Patheos where he comments on religion and current events. He is the author of the book “Oh, Your god!: The Evil Idea That Is Religion”, and his newest work is a contribution to the book “666”, a collection of arguments on religion featuring chapters from great authors on the subject such as Lawrence Krauss, Richard Carrier, Colin Humphreys, and others. He has also contributed an argument against a moral god to the Atheos App, created by Dr. Peter Boghossian and is sponsored by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

We were delighted to talk with him about the second edition of his book and much more …

You can find Joshua here on Twitter and his book is available here.

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