“The Secular Tourist” Episode #57 with Von

We had a great discussion on this episode with The Secular Tourist, who describes his background thusly:


“I was born and raised here in Michigan.  As a kid, going on vacation for us was visiting our relatives in Detroit but fortunately, as an adult, I have been able to escape Michigan from time to time and see some of the world.  More importantly, as a teenager (14 to be exact), I was able to escape the mental imprisonment known as religion, which set me on the path to become a rational adult.  I am not a scholar or a scientist.  I am an everyday, blue collar atheist but I fully agree with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s assertion that you cannot exercise your full potential as a voter unless you become scientifically literate.  That being said, I continually strive to learn more about the world and our place in it and I encourage my fellow human beings to do the same.”


We discussed The Pope, President Trump and Transexuals. Somehow it feels as though those topics shouldn’t be related and yet somehow they are. Enjoy …


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