“The Irish Martin Sixsmith” Episode #51 with Conall Ó’Fátharta

The movie Philomena was nominated for a number of Academy Awards, including Best Screenplay. While the story of this individual case was so memorably told by Martin Sixsmith, reporting on the much broader system that facilitated many similar cases, has been provided by Conall Ó’Fátharta over many years. We spoke to Conall about his work, dealing with both the religious orders and the Irish State, which has been a genuine public service. In the era or fake news and tabloid click bait, Conall’s work in this area shows what journalism can achieve when it’s at it’s best.

Conall is a Senior Reporter with the Irish Examiner national newspaper and you can find much of his reporting on this topic here. Some other organisations that are active in this area, include the Adoption Rights Alliance, the Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors and Irish First Mothers.

5 thoughts on ““The Irish Martin Sixsmith” Episode #51 with Conall Ó’Fátharta

  1. Where are the voices of mothers? Males cannot write on matters relating to females – as they were not at the event – so anything they write is simply interpretations and stories – these were crimes against humanity – the illegal abduction, stolen, theft, kidnapping of newborn babies – it commences with Governments allowing medical profession to commit these crimes – anything after the obstetric crimes – becomes secondary – so why is the pregnant girl forgotten – this is very similar to the attitude a European country took two decades before these crimes were committed – perfect society – the movie Philomena was attacking the Catholic Church – it was an appalling movie – but the powers to be as part of their plans to continue marginalising women – influenced the nominations for awards – as one sits back – not once has anybody called the mother a liar – so to dismiss her truth – all the propaganda has to be plotted and planned – even today adoptees threatening natural mothers – abusing natural mothers – falling into the trap of propaganda – which happened when Hitler convinced the Germans – the Jewish people were the scum of the earth – genocide and what happened in the 1960’s – genocide of unwed motherhood – and what is happening today – dismissing these genocide crimes – a good journalist would research truth not propaganda – the above comments are forwarded in good faith and without prejudice – website http://www.independentregionalmothers.com.au

  2. Hi….As a child who was sent to the US….My birth mother is still alive and will not talk about her situation.. I was born in St Patrick’s home on the Navan Rd, I was selected by Sr Monica to be sent to the US for money paid to the Catholic Church… My story has been told in a short Documentary “My Name is Joan” by Margaret Stapor Costa….It has be submitted to The Dublin Film Festival 2017 for consideration…. Connel was interview for are story.

    1. That’s a really incredible story, Susan.

      Is there anything that ourselves (or anyone who has watched the podcast) do to help? Is there an organisation you would recommend that people should support?

      I’m sure that these subjects can be difficult to talk about but if at any point you’d like to tell your story on the podcast (or discuss the movie) we’d be delighted to speak with you.

      Take Care,

      1. John the mothers’ stories must be heard and the crimes during pregnancy, birthing process – because without a pregnancy there is no little angel – without a natural mother there is no little angel – stories cover from the start of crimes not in the middle – and mothers’ voices must be heard as their voices are incontestable and irrefutable BECAUSE THEY WERE THERE AT THE EVENT and anything after that are either interpretations or stories – TRUTH IS TRUTH and commences at the event

    2. The first crime committed was during pregnancy – 2nd crime – during birthing process – these are the major crimes – the illegal separation of mother and child – so why are the first 2 crimes being swept under the carpet – sending STOLEN children to any country is a crime – child trafficking – but if the first two crimes did not occur – the child trafficking to US would never have occurred – when one researches – one begins at the beginning – and Philomena nominated for all the awards was not for the greatness of the movie as it was not that great – but because it was the topic of the day – and it failed as well – just bashing the Catholic Church – ignoring the crimes – mothers had their angels up until an older age (as per the movie) majority did not see their newborn babies – so they were stolen at an older age – not as newborn babies – and with many mothers not wanting to talk about it – can you blame them – they faced brutal crimes – medical and governments broke their spirit during pregnancy and birthing process and time thereafter – THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED – if one was addressing the crimes committed against the Jewish and others during 2nd world war – they would not commence at the end of the war – they would write the truth from the commencement of Hitler’s crimes – genocide and the medical crimes were also genocide crimes of MOTHERHOOD and motherhood does not come with marital status – a mother is a mother regardless of marital status – let’s start at the very beginning – IT IS ABOUT TRUTH – and the TRUTH begins at the start not in the middle of a story.

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