“ISIS, Jesus and Seamus” Episode #45 with Tahir Nasser

Syed Muhammad Tahir Nasser, is a writer moonlighting as a medical doctor, and a co-founder of the Rational Religion organisation, which is a spiritual response to the New Atheist movement. Tahir also serves as the science editor for the Review of Religions, which is one of the oldest English-language magazines on comparative religions. He writes for national and online media, and is a speaker on University lecture circuits on issues relating to Islam in the modern world. He has been published in a number of high-profile outlets, including the Huffington Post and the Guardian. Tahir also enjoys writing fiction and has recently published his first novel, which is called The Day They All Died Young.

We had a great conversation with Tahir on theodicy, eschatology and epistemology:

In addition to checking out the links above, it is also worth taking a look at the the following links that Tahir referred to during our conversation:

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