“Secularism Trumping Theocracy” Episode #41 with Letha Hughes

Letha Hughes, known as “Imperator Letha” to her many Twitter followers, is an outspoken atheist activist and secular humanist. Many people will have seen Letha attending the Reason Rally, the Women In Secularism Conference and the Freedom From Religion Foundation Annual Convention.

Raised Primitive Baptist, along with her identical twin sister, she now helps mentor others in overcoming their childhood indoctrination by promoting and encouraging critical thinking, expanded reading and more importantly gaining scientific understanding. In that regard she is currently, along with her twin sister Crystal Hughes, developing a nonprofit organization that promotes these ideals and hopes to give people like her – those breaking free from their religious chains in Southern Ohio and Appalachia – a place to congregate and feel at home.

It was a real pleasure and a lot of fun to talk with Letha.



Here at The Freethought Prophet, we’ve written previously about the difference between genuine activists, as compared to mere keyboard warriors. Letha is most definitely an example of the former. The secular movement needs more intelligent and articulate people like Letha and you could do a lot worse than following her on Twitter here.

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