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Here at The Free Thought Prophet, the most natural thing in the world for us to do is to talk with other bloggers and podcasters. The podcasting theologian and biblical scholar Dr Robert M Price, has been a guest on our podcast multiple times, as has our most recent guest Poor Old Kilgore. As an aside, over at her YouTube Channel, the last episode posted by Poor Old Kilgore provides a most excellent summary of an issue that we have discussed here more than once before. Not for the first time, she says it much better than us!

This is called public discourse. The free exchange of thoughts and suggestions. It is the only possible mechanism through which we can improve our world. Just like everyone else, The Free Thought Prophet undoubtedly retains views and opinions that are misguided. Just like everyone else, we’re not entirely sure which of our current ideas and beliefs we will feel the need to adjust at some point in the future. How can we make progress in this regard, unless every notion and sentiment that we have is open to challenge? How can any of us advance and develop without debate and discussion? What are the chances that we can improve life on our planet, if we insist on sequestering some ideologies in order to render them immune from criticism?

Solidarity with Persecuted Secular Bloggers
Solidarity with Persecuted Secular Bloggers

While we take public discourse for granted today in the West, there are many celebrated examples throughout our history that serve to demonstrate the folly of alternative approaches. Unfortunately, there are also parts of the world today, where there are incredibly harsh punishments for simply blogging secular views or where such blogs can lead to the horrific murder of the author. This is an incredibly important issue and our most recent guests are doing something practical about it. Please take a moment to listen to Gail Miller and Christine Shellska talk about their Atheist Asylum Project.

The Free Thought Prophet would like to offer solidarity to other secular bloggers who don’t enjoy the same freedoms that we do. While worldwide respect for the human right to free expression is the ultimate goal (asper Article 19 of the UDHR) the immediate need is to help the secular bloggers who find public discourse to be a life threatening activity. We have already donated to this fund and if you can spare a little cash, we would like to suggest that there are few better causes for your consideration than this one.

Kris and Gail are incredibly impressive volunteers and their hugely important work deserves all of the support that we can muster.

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