Epic Rant Vol#1: Christian Bigots, Feuerstein & Palin vs Starbucks! The Free Thought Prophet Podcast: Episode#5

The statement that only “Christian Refugees” may enter was uttered by Jeb Bush and echoed by other talking heads, pulpits and pundits. So why is this? Aren’t Christian’s the ones who preach to love thy Neighbor? To turn the other cheek? That the meek and the poor are to be cared for? Look, I’m for identifying these people before they come into the country and keeping us safe. That being said, turning people away like this is contrary to the Christian doctrine, but yet they are on the forefront of rejecting these people! So Christian’s, do you not take your doctrine serious? Are you just Jealous of Islam and how their followers have less problems carrying out what their book says, is that it bubba? Are you just jealous cause someone else is imaginary friend is more persuasive to masses? There there, I promise if you start taking your book more serious and live by its doctrine, maybe, just maybe we’ll sympathize with you, but not likely. Not, to be labor this point but, how is it we are supposed to take you serious when you say Adam and Steve getting married is wrong, but you don’t stone them? When’s the last time you guys protested a divorce hearing or stoned an unruly child? Huh!? Yahweh must have changed his name to Allah because you fuckers didn’t listen. Or just maybe, this book is just something you prop up at your convenience, when it fits the to preserve the Ideology you have set for your world. So Sunday it’s praise Jebus love thy Neighbor and do on to others as you wish others to do onto you. But then Monday comes, and it’s business as usual. Greed is good, a means to an end, the poor serve a purpose not to hinder yours and the doctrine you spew is optional to live by. It’s serves to preserve your views of others, but as important to you as the shits you take in a day. You don’t take this book to heart, it’s only a tool to subject the rest of us, so why should we take you or any of it serious!? So, as I told the Christian’s who have been upset that I called them out on their bigotry recently, I’ll tell the rest of you , Christina’s please, either live by your fuckin’ book or fuck off with it!

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